Magic happens here. Squam Creative Retreats

Magic happens there, I tell you…and in my experience at least, that magic can come in unexpected and beautiful ways.
Amanda Blake SouleĀ 

Photo By: Lisa Field-Elliott

What If?

What if you could pause your life for a moment and dive head first into all those creative activities you never have time for? What would you do? Paint, draw, journal, cook, sew? Lucky you! There is a place for those who are hungry for self expression and it is called Squam.

Photo By Thea Coughlin


Photo By: Stefanie Renee Lindeen

What is Squam, you ask? Squam is a “gathering of people who love all things creative, who care about being true to themselves, and who savor time spent in the beauty of a natural environment.

Squam’s impressive group of teachers have put together some amazing retreats that celebrate the creative spirit. Retreat goers spend their days taking their choice of creative classes such as photography, jewelry-making, & screen printing. It is a place to let go of the stress in your life and open up to the possibilities. Each retreat also has unique events like art fairs, bonfires by the sea and wild dinner parties under the stars.

Photo By Amy Gretchen

Life moves so fast these days, sometimes we need to make a space and place in our lives to re-connect with ourselves and touch base with our creative spirit. Squam retreats nurture that connection and blaze with passion, fun and joyfulness. Something we all could use a little of!

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