Around the Web: Travel Roundup

Free printable maps to use in your art via Maybemej Photography

“If you’re not swearing, you’re not fighting, people are gonna like you…” – Conversations with Cape Town car guards

Vintage Travel posters a la pinterest

Maps for your fingernails

What you always wanted to know, but never dared to ask: A woman’s guide to using squat toilets

An inspired shrine to the Virgin Mary in Valldolid, Mexico. Beautiful!

Tall beautiful people meandering through cities, the eating of porridge that is made from…sour cream, the wearing of “Bunads” – Why Norway National Day will make your country look terrible

History built upon history

A moving meditation – Jellyfish Lake

I just love this image – too much to say about it so just look

Spiced Chocolate + glacier hiking – something about that combo makes me think happy thoughts

My newest blog crush

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