Plan a great vacation: 7 activities to help you decide where to travel next

Planning a trip is not always easy especially if you don’t have any idea where you want to travel next. Never fear, there are tons of ways to come up with ideas for places to visit. I’ve brainstormed 7 things you can do to help you decide where to travel next. I promise it won’t take much time and you’ll be repaid in glorious travel experiences for years to come (pinky swear).

1. Search Pinterest

For those of you who don’t know, pinterest is a virtual pinboard but also serves as an amazing visual search engine. Trust me, you won’t walk away from your search without at least a few inspiring ideas for your next vacation. To get you started here are a few search terms you can try: next vacation, dream trip, travel bucket list, vacation ideas

2. Browse Travel Blogs

I could go on and on about how amazing and inspiring travel bloggers are. You are literally seconds away from living vicariously through these digital nomads. Travel bloggers share first-hand experiences of destinations, great ideas for things to do (or not to do), and travel tips galore. You will learn about places you have never even heard of or learn more about places you have by reading travel blogs.

There are so many great blogs out there I can’t list them all. So to get you started here are a few that are really helpful for finding great places to travel: Landlopers, Matador Network, Velvet Escape, Otts World, Destination Savvy

3. Brainstorm!

Okay – so you could just brainstorm a list of travel ideas, but I want you to try something different. Give yourself five minutes to write down all your interests. Are you a bookworm? Write it down. Have a passion for little house on the prairie? That belongs on the list too.

Once you are finished, take each of those interests and google the interest + the words “vacation ideas”. For example, if you love star trek (you know who you are) search for “star trek vacation ideas”. Do this for all of your interests and voila, you have an instant list of super personalized travel ideas.

Be creative if you don’t get the results you were looking for. You might have to play around with the search terms a little – for book worm I had to change it to “literary travel ideas”.

4. Visit the library

Okay, I admit it, that bookworm I was talking about earlier…that’s me. I love books and I super love libraries. You will too if you are trying to figure out your next place to visit. Just drop by your local library and visit the travel section.

Grab a few books at random and find a quiet nook where you can spend an hour or so armchair traveling. If any specific place is making you dream travel, research more about it and you will be well on your way to your next big adventure.

5. Ask Twitter

Mirror mirror on the wall…oops, wrong question – twitter is a great place to discover the latest and greatest from the mouths of many. Simply go to the discover page and enter a keyword to see what places people are talking about.

Here are a few to get you you started but be creative – the world is waiting to help you out! Twitter searches to start you off: #travel, #destination, #ttot, #expchat

6. Ask friends and family for recommendations

So this one is easy, but sometimes we forget that our friends and family have probably had some great vacations and would love to share pictures and stories with us from their times there.

Call a well travelled friend or family member and set up a coffee date. Let them know you want to hear about their travels and would love some recommendations. 2 heads are better then one you know + you get some quality time with loved ones as an added bonus.

7. If all else fails leave it up to luck

Have you tried all the ideas above and still can’t figure out where you want to go? It’s time to bring the big guns in then. Sometimes the best way to make a decision is to leave it up to fate. If you are in the mood for a true adventure get a map, close your eyes and let your finger do the talking.

If you want to be more dramatic you could always do the old throw a dart at the map wearing a blindfold and go where it lands thing, but I kind of want you to do it right now, with no procrastination. Go here, the site will list a random city in the world and let us know in the comments below where luck wants you to go.

So where are you going next? I’d love to hear what destination made your heart say yes! Let me know in the comments below.

8 thoughts on “Plan a great vacation: 7 activities to help you decide where to travel next

    1. Ha – I’m glad you got a better one – I have to admit I haven’t been able to agree with the thing yet. But you’ve inspired me to do it one last time and I got Koror, Palau which sounds pretty good!

  1. Great ideas here! I think we’ve gotten ourselves a long list of places to visit thanks to visiting blogs, following tweets, checking pinterest, inspired by friends and family that it’ll be awhile before we are out of ideas now!

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