25 Pinterest Boards Every Travel Lover Should Follow

If you haven’t already checked out Pinterest, do a quick search for something like dream trip, hotel or travel and you’ll see why Pinterest is a great place to be inspired travel style.  I’ve pulled together a list of some of my favorite travel related boards.  Enjoy & share your favs in the comments below.

  1.  Discover Places & Nature – an awe inspiring collection of places and nature related pins.
  2. Inspired Travel – amazing places around the world!  I dare you to leave without a new addition to your bucket list.
  3. Beaches – If your idea of a dream vacation is to sit seaside and listen to the waves, this board, a collection of beaches around the world, will be perfect for you.
  4. Dream Trip – I couldn’t even dream up half of these dream trips.  From fairytale castles to underwater roller coasters this board is just brimming with amazing travel ideas.
  5. Luggage Vintage Luggage – A love letter to vintage luggage.
  6. Wanderlust – Get inspired to travel with this board that brings together pins of destinations & quotes that make you want to get up and go.
  7. Castles – a collection of almost 200 castles, turrets and all, from around the world.
  8. Favorite Spots in Paris – a colossal group of over 1500 pins all about Paris.
  9. Travel to Eat – Food + Travel, what’s not to love?
  10. Adventure Awaits – Are you an adventurous soul? Get your fill of adventurous travel ideas on this awesome board.
  11. Europe – Europe is a traveler’s dream.  Check out this board for over 200 pins of great places in Europe to visit.
  12. Travel Asia – From Angkor Wat to Matsumoto Castle, this board covers over 400 places in Asia.
  13. Travel North America – Get to know North America better & come up with some great vacation ideas like the Dole Pineapple Plantation or a visit to Muir Woods.
  14. Travel: South America – Enjoy the color & sights of South America, btw – those giant fish sculptures are awesome.
  15. Amazing Places – Africa – From waves breaking on desert sands to cathedrals built by the wind Africa is truly a dream.  Check out this board for ideas on where to go & what to see in Africa.
  16. Amazing Australia – a great set of pins showing Australia in all it’s glory.
  17. Travel-Inspired Fashion  – Cool travel fashion related pins from pocket watch compasses to map purses.
  18. Vintage Travel Posters – Explore vintage travel art in this set of travel poster pins.
  19. Pretty Travel Pics  – Travel and photography go hand in hand.  Enjoy this set of beautiful travel photographs.
  20. Travel Fun – Travel games and gear for the young or the young at heart.
  21. Roadtrip Love – Love roadtrips? Enjoy this board that celebrates the joy of hitting the open road.
  22. Maps.maps.maps. – This board contains every imaginable use for a map (I’m serious).
  23. Travel Movies – Travel through your big screen tv.  I love Fitzcarraldo by the way.
  24. Travel Books  – Books are often the easiest way to feel like you are traveling.  Check out this board & read away!
  25. Cool Travel Products – I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wanted a shark sleeping bag.  Great set of unique travel products!

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