Free e-book! 25 bloggers share their favorite travel destinations

freeinspirationI’m so very excited to share with you Trip Logic’s very first e-book: Favorite Places. Even better, it’s free (yes completely free – not even an email sign up needed to get it).

25 bloggers kindly told me all about their favorite place to travel and shared photos and insider tips on what to do there once you go.  It is truly great travel inspiration and should kick-start some serious travel dreaming for anyone who reads it.
ebookexampleClick here to download the Favorite Places e-book and please share if you like it!

A huge thanks to the amazing contributors to this series.  Please visit their sites and show them some love!

Aggy from Dream Explore Wander
Julie McNamee from Quirky Travel
Andrea MacEachern from Another Day of Grace
Darlene Jones from Em and Yves
Kristin Addis from Be My Travel Muse
Juliann from Browsing the Atlas
Nicole Jewell from Pass the Ham
Natalie Sayin from Turkish Travel Blog
The Vacation Wanderer
Cynthia Simpson from HapiDayz
Rachel Ilan from Rachel Ilan Design
Andrea Travillian from Take a Smart Step
Dawn Chitwood from Asheville Marketing Solutions
Darcey Wunker from Adventures in India
Valerie Miller
Stacey G. from Glued to My Crafts
Dhie Rey from Island Girl Traveller
Cacinda “Cindy” Maloney from Points and Travel
Justine Williams from The Dancing Traveller
Jamee Doherty from Fly the Coop
Mariana Calleja from Travel Thirst
Holiday Addict
Ariane Colenbrander from ariane c design
Lesli Peterson from Expedition Mom
Pola Henderson from Jetting Around

For information on contributing to the next e-book in the series click here.

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  1. love this idea! just read the e-book, and loved it so much I just sent in my favorite place (Santorini) for the second one!!! hope I make it in! I would be honored! :)

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