Favorite Places: Reykjavik, Iceland

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Today’s favorite place is from Julie McNamee of Quirky Travel

Julie’s Favorite Place: Reykjavik, Iceland


Why She Loves Reykjavik

“Reykjavik has the coolest, funniest, most laid-back people you’ll come across. It has beautifully colourful corrugated iron houses because it has few trees. It’s surrounded by volcanoes and you can smell the sulphur. It’s heated solely by geothermal energy. It has a spectacular cathedral. What’s not to like about Reykjavik?”

Julie’s Favorite Things to Do and See in Reykjavik

About Julie

j-mcnamee-catsJulie McNamee blogs at Quirky Travel and has the very determined notion that there’s quirky everywhere.



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0 thoughts on “Favorite Places: Reykjavik, Iceland

  1. Hi Kate

    I just came back from there and I’ve a couple more tips your visitors might find useful.

    Eat at Tapas Barinn – reasonably priced Icelandic tapas. Especially try the beef in liquorice sauce (they’re big fans of liquorice in Iceland)

    And a great central hotel to stay in is Reykjavik Residence – great staff and a lovely, Scandinavian-stylish, quiet room.

    1. Thanks Julie – so helpful to here first hand experiences. I’m still dreaming of a visit to the Iceland fish and chips you recommended – looks amazing!

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