Favorite Places: Cuba

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Today’s favorite place is from Andrea MacEachern of Another Day of Grace

Andrea’s Favorite Place: Cuba

cubaWhy She Loves Cuba

“Cuba is so untouched by the influences of the United States and the rest of  the developed world. The culture, the way people behave and interact with  one another and keep family at the forefront, the food, the lack of material  possessions among the people, the cars, the music and just the way of life is  so different from the rest of North America.”

Andrea’s Favorite Things to Do and See in Cuba

About Andrea

andreaI grew up in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, lived in Newfoundland for over ten years and recently returned to my hometown. I am a freelance writer who recently found a love for another art form,  photography. I love being  outdoors and traveling to new  places and keeping my life as  interesting as possible!



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  1. It is my deep regret that I missed an opportunity to visit Cuba before the Revolution, and circumstances now preclude me from ever visiting the island. I have studied it and its people in great detail, studied its history from preColumbian times to the present, and followed it in contemporary news and stories. I even wrote a novel set in Cuba during Castro’s rise to power.

    I can’t agree that it is uninfluenced by America. Even though walls have been erected between us, the people continue their fascination with all things American, especially cars and sports. I long for an American Administration that will end the embargo and resolve the differences between us. Although, I know better than most, that the web of legal claims and political animosities are truly tangled like the Gordian Knot.

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