Favorite Places: Thailand

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Today’s favorite place is from the Vacation Wanderer

The Vacation Wanderer’s Favorite Place: Thailand

Why He Loves it

“Thailand has just about anything you would love to see, eat, or experience especially if you are a Westerner. From the beautiful seacoasts and beaches, to the jungles, to the mountains, Thailand has it all. Ride and elephant, pick a fresh banana from a tree, swim in turquoise colored water, or just experience the friendliness of the Thai people. Thailand: The Land of Smiles.”

The Vacation Wanderer’s Favorite Things to Do and See in Thailand

About The Vacation Wanderer

24740_1366513238263_3780085_n-Version-2 I have had the chance to travel quite a bit, especially the last seven years. Working overseas has helped make that a possibility. My first long trip was a five week excursion via Eurail having quit my job and take advantage of a really cheap round trip flight to the UK.

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0 thoughts on “Favorite Places: Thailand

  1. Thailand is one of my favorite places too. Obviously.

    Looks like you’ve hit a lot of the big must-do spots in your list of Favorite Things. Of course there are tons of amazing lesser-known places to explore too. But the major destinations are famous for reason! I wouldn’t recommend skipping over them just to get off-the-beaten trek. Especially on someone’s first trip or have they have a limited time in the country.

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