Bucket List Brainstorm #2: Stay In An International Dark Sky Place

Bucket List Brainstorm: Stay in an international dark sky place
Photo Source: JustinJensen

Quick Facts About International Dark Sky Place:

Best for: Star Gazers, Wanna-be Astronomers, and UFO searchers

Difficulty Level: Easy – not all dark sky places allow you to stay overnight but per the designation rules all dark sky places must offer access

Where to do it: Around the World – communitiesparks, & reserves

What’s an International Dark Sky Place?
The International Dark Sky Places Program is an amazing program that promotes the preservation of night skies.  Light pollution can cause sky glow and glare, thus diminishing the natural dark, star filled night sky.  The IDA promotes both protection and restoration of dark sky environments for the enjoyment of future generations.

A designated International Dark Sky Place is one that has sufficient lighting management, offers public access to the night sky and has created an outreach program to educate and celebrate the value of protecting the night sky.  (And of course it is beautifully dark)  The IDA reviews and approves applications for these designations.

I don’t know about you, but I love stars.  I grew up in a city so I never saw many. Whenever I do have a chance to see a truly dark night sky I am moved beyond words.  I would love to spend the night where the mystery & beauty of a star filled sky surrounds me.

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