Favorite Places: Delhi, India

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Today’s favorite place is from Darcey Wunker of Adventures in India

Darcey’s Favorite Place: Delhi India

Delhi India

Why She Loves Delhi

“Delhi has been around for centuries in various forms, from Indraprastha to Lutyens’ Delhi, and there is something for everyone. If you are interested in religion, there are Catholic churches and Baha’i houses of worship; if you are love food, you can sample Mughal cuisine and Old Delhi’s famous sweets. History, architecture, culture, and shopping experiences abound. There’s no place like Delhi!”

Darcey’s Favorite Things to Do and See in Delhi

About Darcey

DarceyAn American expat currently in India with a background in linguistics, languages (yes, they’re different!) and history, Darcey currently lives in northern India with her husband where she studies Hindi and dabbles in other languages, and has recently begun to blog about travel as an expat.

Find Darcey at http://pahariyommem.wordpress.com/  and @justseenaplace


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  1. I love Delhi! I only lived there for about two months, but I fell head-over-heels in love. Most days, that is ;-P The culture and colors are truly fascinating.

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