Favorite Places: Adana, Turkey

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Today’s favorite place is from Stacey from Glued to my Crafts

Stacey’s Favorite Place: Adana, Turkey

Adana Turkey

Why She Loves Adana

“We were stationed at Incirlik Air Force Base, Turkey for two years. The base is right outside Adana, Turkey. Not only do I recommend Adana for traveling, but I also recommend seeing all parts of Turkey. Their culture is so much different than our culture in the USA. The hospitality is definitely better and some areas are breath-taking.”

Stacey’s Favorite Things to Do and See in Adana, Turkey

About Stacey

profile2_zpsa4e43217jHi, my name is Stacey. I’m an Air Force wife and mother to a nearly two year old boy. Being in the Air Force has given us many opportunities to travel. Whenever I meet other military wives who never got out and explored their surroundings, I’m shocked. I never miss an opportunity to see the world.

Find her at Glued to my Crafts and @GluedToMyCrafts



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