25 Pinterest Boards Every Travel Lover Should Follow

If you haven’t already checked out Pinterest, do a quick search for something like dream trip, hotel or travel and you’ll see why Pinterest is a great place to be inspired travel style.  I’ve pulled together a list of some of my favorite travel related boards.  Enjoy & share your favs in the comments below.

  1.  Discover Places & Nature – an awe inspiring collection of places and nature related pins.
  2. Inspired Travel – amazing places around the world!  I dare you to leave without a new addition to your bucket list.
  3. Beaches – If your idea of a dream vacation is to sit seaside and listen to the waves, this board, a collection of beaches around the world, will be perfect for you.
  4. Dream Trip – I couldn’t even dream up half of these dream trips.  From fairytale castles to underwater roller coasters this board is just brimming with amazing travel ideas.
  5. Luggage Vintage Luggage – A love letter to vintage luggage.
  6. Wanderlust – Get inspired to travel with this board that brings together pins of destinations & quotes that make you want to get up and go.
  7. Castles – a collection of almost 200 castles, turrets and all, from around the world.
  8. Favorite Spots in Paris – a colossal group of over 1500 pins all about Paris.
  9. Travel to Eat – Food + Travel, what’s not to love?
  10. Adventure Awaits – Are you an adventurous soul? Get your fill of adventurous travel ideas on this awesome board.
  11. Europe – Europe is a traveler’s dream.  Check out this board for over 200 pins of great places in Europe to visit.
  12. Travel Asia – From Angkor Wat to Matsumoto Castle, this board covers over 400 places in Asia.
  13. Travel North America – Get to know North America better & come up with some great vacation ideas like the Dole Pineapple Plantation or a visit to Muir Woods.
  14. Travel: South America – Enjoy the color & sights of South America, btw – those giant fish sculptures are awesome.
  15. Amazing Places – Africa – From waves breaking on desert sands to cathedrals built by the wind Africa is truly a dream.  Check out this board for ideas on where to go & what to see in Africa.
  16. Amazing Australia – a great set of pins showing Australia in all it’s glory.
  17. Travel-Inspired Fashion  – Cool travel fashion related pins from pocket watch compasses to map purses.
  18. Vintage Travel Posters – Explore vintage travel art in this set of travel poster pins.
  19. Pretty Travel Pics  – Travel and photography go hand in hand.  Enjoy this set of beautiful travel photographs.
  20. Travel Fun – Travel games and gear for the young or the young at heart.
  21. Roadtrip Love – Love roadtrips? Enjoy this board that celebrates the joy of hitting the open road.
  22. Maps.maps.maps. – This board contains every imaginable use for a map (I’m serious).
  23. Travel Movies – Travel through your big screen tv.  I love Fitzcarraldo by the way.
  24. Travel Books  – Books are often the easiest way to feel like you are traveling.  Check out this board & read away!
  25. Cool Travel Products – I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wanted a shark sleeping bag.  Great set of unique travel products!

P.S. If you enjoy my blog, check out my pinterest boards for even more travel inspiration.

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About the Author: Kate is a travel junkie at heart. She lives for exploring cultures, food, history and local life and is currently scheming ways to get enough time free to walk the Camino de Santiago de Compostela. Get Trip Logic Updates by Email.

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