1. 3/7/2012

    Great post. I only knew about #1~! Excited to try out the others.

    • kate

      Thanks! Let me know if any of them are useful for you or if you have any suggestions for sites.

    • kate

      Thanks Hanna – I totally agree with you. I always feel super lucky when I do get to meet locals and learn about their favorite places.

    • kate

      Awesome – glad I could help!

  2. Allan

    You can also use Pyrgu to meet locals while traveling…

    It’s simple for choosing the person you’ll meet !


  3. 5/31/2013

    I recommend also meetup.com as a great place to attend meetings and meet locals.

  4. 6/12/2013

    Hello all, I’ll use the local travel website http://www.guidedbyalocal.com. Here you can also read local tips and aks travelers for their favorite spots. There is also an option to meet the locals. Cheers, Sara

  5. 7/4/2013

    Hi Everyone,

    Couch surfing is great. I’ve used it several times in the past. It can be a bit random though, since it’s free, it really comes down to who has the time to respond and meet up.

    We have just launched a new service to connect travellers with locals who are passionate about their home city. This way you can guarantee meeting a local while you travel. Please take a look at: http://lokafy.com/

    The advantage is that you can meet someone who you share something in common with. We’ve met each of the hosts listed on the site one-on-one. We currently have 25 locals in Paris and 28 in Toronto. They are all great people, doing a lot of cool things (we have writers, musicians, architects, photographers). Welcome to the Lokafy community!

  6. 10/9/2013

    Great article! I agree 100%. Meeting locals while you travel is a great way to enhance your travel experience. Also another great site is http://www.trip4real.com They connect locals with travels through unique activities brought out by locals.

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