Favorite Places: Taiwan

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Today’s favorite place is from Kristin Addis of Be My Travel Muse

Kristin’s Favorite Place: Taiwan

TaipeiWhy She Loves it

“Many people travel to Asia, but few stop by Taiwan. This island is full of  friendly people, amazing food, and beautiful landscape. Taipei is a beautiful  mixing of East and West, and the rest of the island offers beautiful beaches  in the South, winding canyons in the middle, and beautiful, mystical lakes.” (more…)

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Favorite Places: Safari in Kenya and Tanzania

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Today’s favorite place is from Darlene Jones of Em and Yves

Darlene’s Favorite Place: Safari in Kenya and Tanzania

darlene2Why She Loves it

“Picture yourself standing in the vehicle and looking out around you – all 360 degrees of country side with no buildings, no  telephone lines, no signs of  humans at all. The driver turns off the motor and complete silence engulfs  you. “Look,” someone whispers. There, just a few feet away from the vehicle,  you see a lioness nursing her cubs. She flips over and the cubs, firmly  attached, flip with her.” (more…)

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Sincerely, Spain by Matty Brown

I am always astounded and left in awe when I see an artist capture the essence of the place rather then just its visual markings.  Matty Brown does a wonderful job of bringing us along to Spain on his first trip outside of the United States.  His view of Barcelona, Seville, Cadiz, and Madrid is deeply layered and quietly haunting.

SincerelySpain3 (more…)

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Favorite Places: Cuba

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Today’s favorite place is from Andrea MacEachern of Another Day of Grace

Andrea’s Favorite Place: Cuba

cubaWhy She Loves Cuba

“Cuba is so untouched by the influences of the United States and the rest of  the developed world. The culture, the way people behave and interact with  one another and keep family at the forefront, the food, the lack of material  possessions among the people, the cars, the music and just the way of life is  so different from the rest of North America.” (more…)

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Souvenir Stories: The Lucky Coin

Souvenir Stories is a new series that tells the story behind someone’s souvenir.  Chris from Real Man Travel was kind enough to write the very first one – many thanks Chris!  Go here to share your Souvenir Story.

Do Souvenirs Find You?

Do you look forward to finding making or buying that perfect souvenir?

The common misunderstanding about souvenirs is that they will cost you a lot of money. I’ll tell you that in my experience, this is not always the case. A souvenir can be anything that takes you back to a moment in time by just looking at it. A magical time travel device, think of it like your very own DeLorean (minus the flux capacitor) taking you back to your toes in the sand, or on a road trip with friends, or in my case a football stadium 10 years ago.

My most memorable souvenir can be both a short story and a long story. It’s become a staple of my day-to-day life and it might be the only thing in my wallet that can’t be replaced. You see my most memorable isn’t a t-shirt, a shot glass, or even a photograph. It’s not a stuffed animal in a t-shirt, a wooden keepsake or even a fridge magnet. My most memorable souvenir is my “lucky” 1990 50 cent American coin. (more…)

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Favorite Places: Reykjavik, Iceland

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Today’s favorite place is from Julie McNamee of Quirky Travel

Julie’s Favorite Place: Reykjavik, Iceland


Why She Loves Reykjavik

“Reykjavik has the coolest, funniest, most laid-back people you’ll come across. It has beautifully colourful corrugated iron houses because it has few trees. It’s surrounded by volcanoes and you can smell the sulphur. It’s heated solely by geothermal energy. It has a spectacular cathedral. What’s not to like about Reykjavik?” (more…)

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Can We See the World Without Destroying It? The Need for Sustainable Travel

Guest post by Laura of Tutus and Tiny Hats

Lately, I’ve found myself torn between wanderlust and concern about global warming. I want so badly to see the world, but I don’t want to harm it — especially since we’re terrifyingly close to the point of no return.

As much as I might wish otherwise, it seems pretty clear that air travel is unsustainable. It’s unlikely that airplanes will become more efficient in the near future, and carbon offsets aren’t particularly helpful in reducing emissions–they might even make it worse by encouraging people to fly more. Luckily, though, air travel is not the only way to see the world. (more…)

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How to Be Mindful While Traveling


I don’t know about you, but sometimes my trips turn into a blur. My itinerary dominates the vacation and I start worrying more about where I need to be next and not where I am. One cure for this type of vacation overload is to be mindful during your trip.

What is mindfulness anyway?
There are varying definitions of mindfulness, but I like Jon Kabat-Zinn’s:

“Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way; On purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally.”

(If your interested in learning more, I highly recommend reading How to Train a Wild Elephant: And Other Adventures in Mindfulness. It’s an amazing life-changing book.) (more…)

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Favorite Places: Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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Today’s favorite place is from Aggy of www.DreamExploreWander.com

Aggy’s Favorite Place: Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Photo by Regina http://regina-tiatira.blogspt.fr
Photo by Regina http://regina-tiatira.blogspt.fr


Why She Loves Yogyakarta

“My hometown is a beautiful place and should not be missed by travellers coming to Indonesia. It’s a vibrant and lively city with friendly locals who will happily show you the city’s rich traditions and cultures. The food is excellent and you can almost find anything from Western food to local food, all will make your mouth water and come back for more.” (more…)

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Shop History: A Historic Shop Crawl in London:

Base Photo: Tm Soper Photgraphy
Base Photo: Tm Soper Photgraphy

I was so excited when I  received an invitation to enter the VisitBritain Shop Blogger Competition – any excuse to write about this amazing city is one I will quickly take.  To enter the competition you  have to blog about  your perfect shopping trip to the city of London. As I thought about what my dream shopping trip to London would be, I realized that one of the things I love about London is that it is so rich in history. (more…)

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