8 Unique Guidebooks to Help Plan Your Next Trip to Paris

Planning a trip to Paris?  Check out these unique and quite awesome guidebooks. Not only are they full of creative ideas for your vacation, they also show you sides of Paris that you would never even know to look for without their help!

The Little Bookroom Guide to Paris with Children: Play, Eat, Shop, Stay by

Best For: Families

Paris with children
"Practically speaking, one major monument or museum a day plus one child-centered activity is an enjoyable pace at which to see the city."

Bringing your kids on your next trip to Paris?  This guidebook will help you tour Paris in a child centered way.  You'll find cafes where Parisians take their children, items on Parisian menus that appeal to children and even where to find merry-go-rounds.  

It also touches on more practical information such as how to find a babysitter and words you may need at a pharmacy if your child gets sick.


Quiet Paris by Siobhan Wall

Best For: Connoisseurs of Quiet, Slow Travelers

Quiet Paris

Ah, what a fantastic idea for a book. Quiet Paris is all about hidden, tranquil places where one can get away from the crowds and experience a more intimate Paris. From bookshops to places of worship, this book will show you a side of Paris that may be a little more quiet, but is definitely not any less special than the places most people visit.


Paris Movie Walks: Ten Guided Tours Through the City of Lights! Camera! Action! by Michael Schumann

Best For: Movie Lovers

Paris Movie Walks
"The walks in this book follow the movie-makers and take in all the major sights of Paris. On the way, you'll also learn a few things about the sights and the city itself..."

This is THE guidebook for movie lovers taking a trip to Paris. Explore Paris a loa Truffaut, Godard or Hebpurn, check out the Old Paris of '30's and '40's film classics, fill your movie loving heart up with guides to locations used in 160 films.


Discover Paris by Metro by Anne-Claire Rue, Aurelie Clair and Catherine Taret

Best For: Public Transportation Fans

Paris by Metro

If you want an easy way to see Paris get your hands on the only official guidebook to Paris using the Metro. 145 of Paris's 300 metro stations are covered including a map of each neighborhood, unusual tips, sites to visit and more.  

The metro is such a great way to get around, why not use it as a means to explore the city?


Forever Paris: 25 Walks in the Footsteps of Chanel, Hemingway, Picasso, and More by Christina Henry de Tessan

Best For: Bookworms, Art Lovers, History Buffs

Forever Paris Book
"As you retrace the steps of some of Paris's most illustrious residents - walking along both familiar boulevards and unknown streets, eating and drinking at their favorite spots, exploring their neighborhoods, seeing where they painted, wrote, argued, learned, loved, and lived - you can see the city with a fresh eye and come to appreciate it's intoxicating, inspiring power as never before."

Paris is a city full of stories.  If you use Forever Paris as your guide, you will find yourself exploring those stories by following in the footsteps of 27 of Paris's artists, authors, lovers and politicians.  Can you imagine dining in Napoleon's favorite restaurant or exploring Josephine Baker's haunts?

The book gives you a little background on each person and their relationship to Paris followed by a walking tour of places they once enjoyed.  What a remarkable way to spend a day of your vacation!


Hidden Gardens of Paris: A Guide to the Parks, Squares, and Woodlands of the City of Light by Susan Cahill

Best For: Nature Lovers, Romantics

Hidden Gardens of Paris Book
"There's the balm of tall old trees, bright flower gardens, fountains, and ponds delicious to the singing birds. On the surrounding benches and chairs, under what Collette calls "

It's easy to find excitement and bustle in the city of lights, but sometimes you just want serenity, trees, flowers, fountains and ponds.  If this sounds like you, you are in luck. Hidden Gardens of Paris helps you find incredible, tucked away, off the beaten track places that you probably would miss if you were just exploring on your own.

A few examples of what you will find in the book are a garden out of sight on the roof of the Gare Montparnasse, a garden that is invisible from the street and only accessible if you know how to find the path and a square with a children's carousel hidden inside a grove of oak and maples.


The Fashion Insider’s Guide to Paris by Carole Sabas

Best For: Fashionistas, Manhattanites

The Fashion Insider's Guide to Paris Book
"...expect to be surprised, bewitched, puzzled, maybe disappointed at times, but always dazzled."

Curated hotspots and hidden gems in one of the world's greatest fashion destinations.  What more could a girl want?  From where to go for lunch with your friends to the best places to buy vintage clothes, this guidebook gives you the chance to travel in Paris like a true insider.

While a lot of guidebooks focus on the tried and true tourist destinations, The Fashion Insider's Guide to Paris is more about the details like finding a place to get a great facial or take an early morning yoga class.  This would be a great guide for big city girls looking for the same type of amenities and excitement they are used to!


Markets of Paris, 2nd Edition: Food, Antiques, Crafts, Books, and More by Long and Marjorie R. Williams

Best For: Antique junkies, book lovers, foodies, & market mavens

Markets of Paris
"Making the most of an outing to a Parisian food market cannot be reduced to a simple formula. Go when you're not rushed and take along a sturdy shopping bag, a curious mind, an adventuresome attitude, and a pleasant disposition."

One of my favorite things to do in Paris was visit the food markets.  The colors, the people, the amazzzzing produce.  They are truly a food lovers paradise.  Markets of Paris is a pocket sized book that gives you an easy to use overview of the markets (food, antiques, crafts, books and more) in Paris and even better, it is organized by arrondissement giving you an easy way to find markets based on the locations you will be visiting.


Favorite Places: Istanbul, Turkey

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Today’s favorite place is from Rachel Ilan of rachelilansimpson.com

Rachel’s Favorite Place: Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul Turkey

Why She Loves Istanbul

“Istanbul is defined by it’s location. It bridges Europe and Asia, and so brings together the chaotic sensory assault of the East with the accessibility of the West. This city is unlike any other. You’ll see artsy youngsters brushing up against conservative religious families, you’ll be overwhelmed with the hospitality of the people and taken by the sheer variety of the food.”

Rachel’s Favorite Things to Do and See in Istanbul

About Rachel

Rachel IlanRachel Simpson is a Canadian Interaction Designer living in Munich, Germany. She’s a community-involved ultrageek, interested in concepts like selfreliance and open source models as applied to other things. Things like education, design and business, for example. She likes rock climbing and Dr. Who.

Find Rachel at http://www.rachelilansimpson.com/ and @rilan


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For more vacation ideas and travel inspiration get the free Favorite Places e-book now. If you are a blogger who would like to be featured in an upcoming edition of the series simply tell me about your favorite place.

Bucket List Brainstorm #2: Stay In An International Dark Sky Place

Bucket List Brainstorm: Stay in an international dark sky place
Photo Source: JustinJensen

Quick Facts About International Dark Sky Place:

Best for: 
Star Gazers,
Wanna-be Astronomers, and UFO searchers

Difficulty Level: 
Easy – not all dark sky places allow you to stay overnight but per the designation rules all dark sky places must offer access 

Where to do it:
Around the World - communitiesparks, & reserves

What’s an International Dark Sky Place?
The International Dark Sky Places Program is an amazing program that promotes the preservation of night skies.  Light pollution can cause sky glow and glare, thus diminishing the natural dark, star filled night sky.  The IDA promotes both protection and restoration of dark sky environments for the enjoyment of future generations.

A designated International Dark Sky Place is one that has sufficient lighting management, offers public access to the night sky and has created an outreach program to educate and celebrate the value of protecting the night sky.  (And of course it is beautifully dark)  The IDA reviews and approves applications for these designations.

I don’t know about you, but I love stars.  I grew up in a city so I never saw many. Whenever I do have a chance to see a truly dark night sky I am moved beyond words.  I would love to spend the night where the mystery & beauty of a star filled sky surrounds me.

Favorite Places: Sabi Sands Game Reserve, South Africa

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Today’s favorite place is from Cynthia Simpson of HapiDayz

Cynthia’s Favorite Place: Sabi Sands Game Reserve, South Africa

Leopard at Sabi Sands Game Reserve

Why She Loves Sabi Sands Game Reserve

“The Sabi Sands Reserve which adjoins the famous Kruger National Park is one of my most favorite places in South Africa. This is where I go to see all the “cats” - lions roaring, leopards calling their young and gorgeous cheetahs. Here, you can watch the “Big Five” in their natural habitat and also take time to look for the little  five….. Listen to the sounds of the bush, also to the silence and wonder at the amazing stars. All emotions are met, adrenalin, fear, amazement, love, joy….truly a place to touch your soul.”

Cynthia’s Favorite Things to Do and See at the Sabi Sands Game Reserve

  • The thrill of seeing the Big Five – Elephant, Buffalo, Lion, Rhino and Leopard
  • Listening to natural music, lions roaring, the grunting of the hippos, the gentle murmuring of elephants, buffalo mooing, the hooting of an owl and the spine chilling laughter of the hyena
  • Taking a walking safari so that you can also look for the Little Five, learn about the vegetation and experience the adrenalin rush of spying on an elephant or rhino
  • Making a list of the hundreds of birds
  • Relaxing around a warm fire, reminiscing about the day’s activities. The silence….the stars….

About Cynthia

Cynthia SimpsonI am a fun loving woman who loves to explore new destinations and experiences. My philosophy in life is “Have suitcase, will travel” and I like to drag my family and friends along with me to share in the joy.

sabiFind Cynthia at http://www.hapidayz.com/ and @cynthiahapidayz


The Favorite Places e-book

For more vacation ideas and travel inspiration get the free Favorite Places e-book now. If you are a blogger who would like to be featured in an upcoming edition of the series simply tell me about your favorite place.

Favorite Places: Thailand

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Today’s favorite place is from the Vacation Wanderer

The Vacation Wanderer’s Favorite Place: Thailand

Why He Loves it

“Thailand has just about anything you would love to see, eat, or experience especially if you are a Westerner. From the beautiful seacoasts and beaches, to the jungles, to the mountains, Thailand has it all. Ride and elephant, pick a fresh banana from a tree, swim in turquoise colored water, or just experience the friendliness of the Thai people. Thailand: The Land of Smiles.”

The Vacation Wanderer’s Favorite Things to Do and See in Thailand

About The Vacation Wanderer

24740_1366513238263_3780085_n-Version-2 I have had the chance to travel quite a bit, especially the last seven years. Working overseas has helped make that a possibility. My first long trip was a five week excursion via Eurail having quit my job and take advantage of a really cheap round trip flight to the UK.

Find The Vacation Wanderer at http://www.thevacationwanderer.com/ and @thevacawanderer


The Favorite Places e-book

For more vacation ideas and travel inspiration get the free Favorite Places e-book now. If you are a blogger who would like to be featured in an upcoming edition of the series simply tell me about your favorite place.