Free e-book! 25 bloggers share their favorite travel destinations

freeinspirationI’m so very excited to share with you Trip Logic’s very first e-book: Favorite Places. Even better, it’s free (yes completely free – not even an email sign up needed to get it).

25 bloggers kindly told me all about their favorite place to travel and shared photos and insider tips on what to do there once you go.  It is truly great travel inspiration and should kick-start some serious travel dreaming for anyone who reads it.
ebookexampleClick here to download the Favorite Places e-book and please share if you like it!

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Get Thee to A Sugar Shack: Places to Visit During Maple Sugar Season

Maybe I read too many Little House on the Prairie books when I was young
(remember the maple syrup covered snow Laura’s grandmother made) but the
idea of visiting a maple sugar farm has always been high on my to-do list. I dig the rustic settings, the old fashioned techniques used, and the sweet amber syrup that nature gifts us.

Photo Credit: Sterling College
Photo Credit: Sterling College

A Few Fun Facts About Maple Syrup

  • The Maple harvest season begins in late February and ends in late March or early April depending on the location.
  • A maple farm is called a sugarbush or a sugar wood.
  • Maples are usually tapped beginning at 30 to 40 years of age and can continue to be tapped until they are over 100 years old.
  • Canada produces over 80 percent of the world’s maple syrup. 91% of that is produced in Quebec.


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33 & 1/2 Romantic Ideas For Your Next Vacation

33romanticthings2This was supposed to be a post called 101 Romantic Ideas For Your Next Vacation, but I failed, I totally failed, my head & heart hit a block at romantic idea #33. Please forgive me for my list of less than 101 romantic ideas for your next vacation.

Oh & if you take pity on me, are a true romantic, and want to help out, send me some ideas & I’ll add them to the post (maybe we can hit 101 together after all).

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Unique Gift Ideas from Seven Museum Gift Shops

I’m jealous of anyone who lives close enough to MOMA to visit their gift shop on a random whim. In fact, I’m jealous of anyone who lives close enough to any museum to visit their gift shop at the spur of the moment.

Museum gift shops have some of the coolest things, like replicas of your favorite statue, earrings that any fifth century Greek would be proud to wear, and hand-cast busts of the awesome & amazing Mark Twain (perfect for any bookshelf, I say).

One day I’ll get around to writing an exhaustive post about museum gift stores but for now please accept my humble offering of a selection of cool, curious, intriguing & beautiful gifts from museum gift stores around the world.

Unique Gift Ideas from Museum Gift Shops

Moma Gift ShopMOMA | The Museum of Modern Art Gift Shop | New York, NY

Rainbow Mugs – I dare you not to be happy with mugs the color of a rainbow

Kontra Bowl – No bowl has a right to be this beautiful

Sky Umbrella – Blue skys are never far away

Kay Bojesen Monkey – Design that smiles

Florida Vase – Floating flowers


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Bucket List Brainstorm #1: Add A Love Lock to a Bridge in Paris

Bucket List Brainstorm is a new series on Trip Logic where I share amazing travel activities for bucket list builders looking for ideas.

photo credit: ynetbot via photopin cc
original photo credit: ynetbot via photopin cc

I’m not terribly romantic (I do love a good chick flick though – don’t judge).  But wowza when I first saw a picture of the Pont de l’Archevêché Bridge in Paris I was done for. This bucket list idea is for true romantics, and even better suited for those of us who don’t outwardly profess our need for a bit of fairy tale story in our lives. (more…)

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Wild with Impatience: How to Travel Like Mark Twain

“I am wild with impatience to move, move, move”


– a young Mark Twain

By Underwood & Underwood [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
By Underwood & Underwood [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
I’m a Missourian and as a Missourian it is my duty to like two things: the Mississippi river and Mark Twain. And I do, I adore them both. While pondering blog post ideas, I thought wouldn’t it be fun to write a post about places you can visit that Mark Twain visited?

Yes, but…there are a lot of them…a lot…

Mark Twain wasn’t only a unique writer, he was a unique traveler. At one time he was better known as a travel writer than a fiction writer.  He traveled far and wide throughout his life.  Researching his travels, I came to realize that the magic didn’t lie in the places he visited, but in his attitude during his travels. Thus this post was born… (more…)

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Iran, Women, & The Freedom to Travel

L'Oiseau bleu Horikiri_29
There are things I just didn’t know about the world we live in.  I didn’t know that glaciers could be so beautifully blue until I visited Alaska and saw them breaking and splashing into the ocean.  I didn’t know that cave paintings were meant to come alive in flame until I walked through a cave in France and saw the way the curves and crevices of the cave walls created dimension and the illusion of movement.  I didn’t know how terrifying, yet exhilarating it was to walk through a rainforest alone wondering what was making those noises high up in the trees. (more…)

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The Swarovski Kristallwelten Museum – Like being inside of a giant crystal


It was the eyes that got me, glittering piercing, staring silently at what? Half of the amazing things I see on Pinterest end up being fake photo-shopped (still beautiful) fantasies.

When I saw the giant green head of Swarvoski Kristallwelten I thought it must be fake.  Yet, a glimmer of hope remained as I followed a windy trail of links that finally led me to the website of this unique and beautiful museum.  It exists, for real, a giant head made of earth with a waterfall coming out of it’s mouth and what’s more? It gets even more fantastical. (more…)

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