1. 12/6/2013

    Loved your Snowflake Bentley article and the comment on my Roadside Americana post. Like you, we love travel whether it be a road trip or sailing from port to port around the world. What better way to explore than on back roads and in tiny ports.

    • kate

      Thanks for stopping by Marcie. I’m so want to plan a road trip to Vermont now! Love your blog too and will be following your adventures!

  2. 12/7/2013

    Snowflakes are so beautiful I wish it actually snowed here so I could try to get some pictures of snowflakes. I don’t think I actually havethe right gear for that though.

  3. 12/10/2013

    Great suggestions! Snow crystals make beautiful works of art!

  4. 1/19/2014

    I love this post, but especially the way you lead into it with such and interesting story. Most creative travel blog post I have seen yet and I have seen a lot of them.

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