Travel Roundup: Frida Kahlo’s closet, a Huge Bonfire, a Black Rhino and more

Casa Azul
Oh how I would have loved to be the one to open Frida’s closet after it was locked for 58 years

How I adore this river – big beautiful bold and amazingly powerful, can you tell I grew up on the Mississippi

So many reasons to visit Puerto Rico

The biggest bonfire you’ve ever seen! Photo 2 makes me scared, just sayin

Giving the ocean a human face – I could spend all day watching these

I’m love sick over this house. Anyone want to loan me £875,000? Pretty please…

Win $500 towards any travel expense

When Savannah Met Alida – such a touching and unique post about traveling with children and a vision of a beautiful world

I am enthralled with Singita Game Reserves’ Blog.  Check out this post on an encounter with a black rhino to get a taste of why and please help me figure out what type of camera they use because I want to take pictures like that!



Hi, I'm Kate, a travel junkie at heart. I live for exploring cultures, food, history and local life and am currently scheming ways to get enough time free to walk the Camino de Santiago de Compostela. ** Get Trip Logic Updates by Email **

2 thoughts on “Travel Roundup: Frida Kahlo’s closet, a Huge Bonfire, a Black Rhino and more

  1. Such an interesting round-up. I would have absolutely adored being the one to open Frida Kahlo’s wardrobe. All those bright and happy clothes…

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