The Travel Truths Question Series

Travel Truths in an ongoing question series for travel lovers. I ask and answer a travel related question every week and invite you to answer the question on your blog or on in the comments. Travel is more then just destinations and experiences, it is a metaphor for life, a state of being, something the heart longs for. Join me as we explore the depths of our relationships with exploration and travel.

Are you joining in?

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Travel Truth Questions:

How has Travel Grown Your Understanding of a Place or Person?

How has travel transformed you?

What fear have you faced while traveling?

What is your very first memory of wanting to travel?

Why do you travel?

Has travel ever made you cry?

2 thoughts on “The Travel Truths Question Series

  1. Hi Kate, Nice to meet you over on my blog! Your travel truth post reminded me of a shell doll my father brought me back from New Orleans. I still have it, though I can’t say it made me want to travel. It made me want more dolls. I have fleeting travel-wanting memories. One was my sister had a job as a coat check girl downtown, and I imagined it was so far away and exciting (hey, I was really little). And when my father almost switched jobs to a different city I really hoped he’d get it. But mainly, it was a trip to London my parents took me on when I was 15. There was no stopping me after that.

    I think I may have posted this in the wrong place – I seem to do that a lot. Happy travels!

    1. Hi Carol – so nice to meet you too! What a cool job your sister had, I can only imagine the stories she had to tell. Thanks for answering the travel truths question – I love reading about people’s experiences, so interesting and great fodder for more thought!

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