33 & 1/2 Romantic Ideas For Your Next Vacation

33romanticthings2This was supposed to be a post called 101 Romantic Ideas For Your Next Vacation, but I failed, I totally failed, my head & heart hit a block at romantic idea #33. Please forgive me for my list of less than 101 romantic ideas for your next vacation.

Oh & if you take pity on me, are a true romantic, and want to help out, send me some ideas & I’ll add them to the post (maybe we can hit 101 together after all).

33 & 1/2 Romantic Ideas For Your Next Vacation

  1. Reenact the famous scene from La Dolce Vita at the Trevi Fountain in Rome
  2. Add a love lock to a bridge in Paris
  3. Spend an afternoon searching the streets of Verona, Italy for Juliet’s balcony
  4. Be serenaded on a gondola ride through the canals of Venice
  5. Grab some oars and row a boat at the Central Park Boathouse in New York City
  6. Visit the Kissing Bridge, and *kiss* on the last remaining covered bridge in Ontario
  7. Stargaze…but wait it gets better…on top of a volcano…but wait it gets even better…in Hawaii
  8. Enjoy a candlelight cruise in Amsterdam
  9. Wander through the largest Rose garden in the United States
  10. Have a picnic on a heart shaped island in Croatia
  11. Take a ride in Japan on a train called romantic
  12. Stay in a beautiful white marble palace in India (oh and btw, it’s in the middle of a lake)
  13. See lovebirds in the wild in Africa
  14. Sleep on a sand dune under the stars in Rajasthan, India
  15. Take a bath….in a tub of foaming chocolate milk
  16. Light a candle at the shrine of St. Valentine in Dublin
  17. Eat dinner in a revolving restaurant above Niagara Falls
  18. Inspire romantic feelings by visiting a romantic landscape like Giant’s Causeway in Ireland
  19. Dine under the sea in the Maldives
  20. Sip bubbly in Champagne, France
  21. Follow in the footsteps of the Goddess of Love in Cypress, Greece
  22. Spend a moonless night floating in a bay of glow in the dark waters along the Caribbean coastline
  23. Tour the diamond vaults of the Kremlin
  24. Recreate Doisneau’s La Baiser de l’Hotel de Ville (photograph yourself kissing in front of the Hotel de Ville) in Paris
  25. Walk hand in hand on the pink sand beaches of the Bahamas
  26. Take Tango lessons in Buenos Aires
  27. Dine under a canopy of lemon trees on the island of Capri
  28. Visit the quintessential fairytale castle in Germany
  29. Elope in Las Vegas
  30. Walk through fields of wildflowers on top of Mount Rainier
  31. Be all kindred spirit-ish & stroll down Lover’s Lane on Prince Edward Island a la Anne
  32. Go to the end of the world for your love
  33. On a quest to find true love? Visit the Trimurti Shrine in Bangkok Thailand
  34. Whew – I’ve hit a romantic block! I’m only giving myself 1/2 credit for this one cause it’s kind of cheating, but here goes. Pick a place from Travel & Leisure’s 50 most romantic places on earth and go!

4 thoughts to “33 & 1/2 Romantic Ideas For Your Next Vacation”

  1. Great list of ideas & thnx for the inspiration 🙂 I’ll enjoy reading your blog further!
    Couldn’t agree more on #8 – Amsterdam is truly a romantic city <3

  2. Kate, this is a great list! Many fantastic ideas here. Thanks for including our camel safari. If you go with the right attitude, it can be incredibly romantic. Especially in Rajasthan. Cheers!

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