Armchair Travel: A day in Paris from the comfort of your own home

Virtual Tourist is an ongoing series at TripLogic where we create an itinerary for an amazing trip that you can follow from home. Each post in the series includes a shopping list, instructions and links to resources. Let us know how your armchair travels go, photos are most welcome!

To Do Before Your Day in Paris:

  • Find a small family owned bakery near you.
  • Find a café or restaurant that serves espresso or hot chocolate and where you can sit outside.
  • Find a French restaurant or a restaurant that you’ve been wanting to try.
  • Buy anything that you don’t have on the list below.

What You Need:

Note: We give suggestions for authentic ingredients/supplies where it makes sense, but you can substitute items that are easier to get if you want to.


Your Itinerary

8AM Bonjour

1. Brush your teeth, wash your face, and welcome the day with an enthusiastic Bonjour to yourself in the mirror.

2. Take a few minutes to check out Paris in this beautiful panoramic view.

3. Go to Pandora (you will have to create a free account if you don’t have one already). Create a new station: La Vie En Rose (the Edith Piaf version). Turn up the volume and set the mood for the day. All the songs are not French, but this station does a great job of creating a Parisian atmosphere.

9AM Le Petit Déjeuner

1. Parisian breakfasts tend to be simple. Your breakfast today will be a large cup of café au lait and a croissant. If you bought the special french sugar we included on our shopping list, enjoy some of that now.

If you have a balcony sit outside and enjoy.

If not, open a window, pause this video at 3 seconds, make it full screen and enjoy your view.

10AM Apprendre le Français

1. If you are going to be in Paris, you are going to have to learn a little French.

First watch this video and use the visuals to guess what the words mean.

2. Next it’s time to speak this beautiful language. has a wonderful selection of poems that you can listen to and recite. Choose one and memorize it.

11AM Explore

Time to explore! Let’s visit the Notre Dame Cathedral.

1. Open up this panorama of the area surrounding Notre Dame. Imagine that you are walking along the banks of the Seine towards Notre Dame. Maybe you pause on the bridge to take in your surroundings, maybe you stop to listen to street performers or watch tourists taking pictures of their loved ones in front of the massive stone walls.

2. Listen to the bells of Notre Dame from atop the bell tower.

3. Now explore the actual Cathedral. Look at the details of the stained glass windows and the timeworn floors.

4. If you are religious, you can submit a prayer request online just as people do in the prayer books at Notre Dame.

Next let’s visit the Louvre.

5. Like many visitors, your first stop is to see the Mona Lisa. Little did you know what you are in for. There is always quite a crowd.

6. Play this in the background while you watch the video above.

7. Choose an online tour from the Louvre.

Or watch this video to take a 20 minute whirlwind tour that gives you a feel of the museum and the crowd (hey we only have one day right).

12PM Lunch and a Walk

1. If you are lucky enough to live in a city with a creperie, go there, now! If not, time to learn some crepe making skills.

Make a crepe (be sure to use the savory recipe version) and fill it up with all your favorite veggies and some cheese. Check out this chowhound forum for some savory crepe filling ideas.

2.Now you and your crepe are going on a walk. In Paris there are small creperies all over the place and one of the easiest quick meals is to buy one and eat it while you walk around the city. Explore your neighborhood while eating your warm and yummy creation. Bring your camera, take some pictures, play the tourist!

2PM People Watching

1. To get you in the mood, watch this, but we really really want you to go and do this activity in real life.

2. Go to a restaurant that has outdoor seating, order a coffee or hot chocolate and people watch. That’s it, very simple, just arrange your chair so it faces the area people walk by and unapologetically watch and ponder.

3. On your way home go to a bakery and buy a fresh baguette and some pastries – keep these around for whenever the urge strikes.

4PM Make Macarons

1. Take a moment to learn about the history of the Macaron.

2. Time to start baking! Make Macarons! How to.

7PM The Eiffel Tower at night

1. Watch the Eiffel Tower sparkle at night.

2. Now look at your view.

8PM Dinnertime

1. Read How to Eat in a French Restaurant.

2. Use your new found skills at the dining establishment of your choice. Dinner in Paris is usually late so resist the urge to eat earlier. If there is a French restaurant near you go there. If not, treat yourself to someplace you have been wanting to go to for awhile. Order an apertif or cocktail of your choice to begin your meal. The French typically order apertifs that are local to their region. Ask your waiter if any of the cocktails use locally made liquors. If not, pick something fun that you haven’t tried before.

Alternate: If you like a challenge and want to cook, make this French Farmhouse Dinner and be sure to enjoy an apertif before eating.

10PM A French bedtime story

6 thoughts to “Armchair Travel: A day in Paris from the comfort of your own home”

  1. Oh, this post is WONDERFUL! So creative and inventive and a perfect indulgence for living a French life for a day if you can’t there. I still want to go to France someday and have not made it yet either. This will help tide me over until the dream comes true. You did a marvelous job on this!

    1. Thanks so much! It was a lot of fun to create – Paris is just overflowing with great things to do. Hope you get to make a trip really soon!

  2. What a cute itinerary! It’s definitely something that I would like to try when I get back to the city of lights. I really miss it and this will make me feel as if I was an actual resident….most itineraries are so touristy…this will make me take it slower and enjoy the views.

    1. Thanks Ellen, I’m working on the next one in the series now – Barcelona – think Tapas, Flamenco dancing and amazing architecture!

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