Around the Web: Travel Roundup

Such a romantic gesture – the bridge of locks behind Notre Dame

Travel scenes set to music always make my heart scream happy

The story of a Tuk-Tuk Driver

I must get myself to Madrid and taste the victor of the Churros con Chocolate Death Battle Royale

Scenes from rural life in Romania.  The woodcarver’s shop is amazing.

“If people think you’re doing something crazy, you’re probably doing something interesting”

No water or food from sunrise to sunset -> experiencing Ramadan in Qatar

I have a thing for sand dunes, the gentle curves and shading always make me feel like I am looking at some amazing natural painting.

The boring-est spy museum in the world

Travel whirls you around and turns you upside down

Ah, to be a bird, free and flying above the world

Only in NYC – a timeshare backyard (an expensive one at that!)

Vacation idea for people who think they have seen everything: Go to the Gopher Hole museum and see 44 Dioramas of Dead Gophers (yes really)

I love everything about yodeling.  Are you with me?