Around the Web Travel Roundup

I love being in the woods alone I might have posted this before, but I am so touched by it that I’m doing it again! Bill Sauder describes the sensation of smelling perfume recovered from the Titanic. Need more than 90 days in Europe (who doesn’t?). How to legally stay in Europe for more than 90 days. Can you say dreamContinue reading “Around the Web Travel Roundup”

Around the Web: Travel Roundup

Such a romantic gesture – the bridge of locks behind Notre Dame Travel scenes set to music always make my heart scream happy The story of a Tuk-Tuk Driver I must get myself to Madrid and taste the victor of the Churros con Chocolate Death Battle Royale Scenes from rural life in Romania.  The woodcarver’s shop is amazing. “If people think you’reContinue reading “Around the Web: Travel Roundup”

Around the World Travel Roundup: Private Jet Subscriptions, Island Love & more

I have a crush on the International Dark Sky Association (really) – would love to experience this If you have a fear of wolves, don’t read this Magical (and golden) photos of the Wat Pho Temple Enter Wanderlust and Lipsticks annual travel writing & contest This weeks tongue twister (and bringer of photo goodness): Watching the Whale WatchersContinue reading “Around the World Travel Roundup: Private Jet Subscriptions, Island Love & more”

A Gift for you! Free Printable Travel Inspiration Poster

I was feeling like being a little creative this morning and thought I would make you a gift! Click on the image above to get a free printable pdf of my Travel Inspiration poster (8.5 X 11). And if you like it please share or pin it! Thanks! Love Kate