If You Travel A Lot & Love Coffee This Travel Accessory Is For You

Does this sound familiar? There you are, walking through the airport pushing your luggage in one hand, holding a Starbucks in another, having to stop and find a place to put the coffee down every time you need to look at your ticket or do anything with at least one of your hands.

If so, we’ve found the perfect travel accessory for you, this handy dandy cup holder.

Simply attach the holder to your luggage’s handle and you’ve just given yourself the ability to enjoy your coffee & enjoy your travel at the same time.  Even better, it’s self-leveling to keep you from spilling your drink.  It also folds up for easy storage, making it one lean, mean travel accessory.

Bonus Points: We also like that it gives you a place to put your drink when sitting at the gate!  View reviews, get more info or buy it now.

Have you used one of these travel coffee holders? We’d love to hear your experience using it!


Help bring Camino Wear to life (& get an awesome addition to your closet while your at it)

“Because purposeful wandering is the opposite of being lost.”

Camino Wear

See those awesome t-shirts above?  You can help bring them to life by supporting your fellow travelers and their dream to  make a line of clothing and accessories that celebrate walking, travel and adventure: Camino Wear! Camino Wear is the creation of Evi and Heli who met in 2012 while walking the Camino de Santiago de Compostela. I love seeing projects related to travel come to life, I love it even more when someone’s travels inspire a project and this is just that type of project.

Camino Wear Indiegogo Campaign from Evi on Vimeo.

If funded, their first line of clothing will be heavily inspired by the Camino de Santiago.  I love the concepts behind the first two t-shirt designs: Don’t Stop Walking – a reminder to never stop walking, wandering or moving forward and Vino Camino – a design that celebrates the comradery and connections that you develop while walking and while traveling.  And did I mention the cute underwear designs?  Camino Wear would make an awesome addition to any travel lover’s closet! Read More

Unique Gift Ideas from Seven Museum Gift Shops

I’m jealous of anyone who lives close enough to MOMA to visit their gift shop on a random whim. In fact, I’m jealous of anyone who lives close enough to any museum to visit their gift shop at the spur of the moment.

Museum gift shops have some of the coolest things, like replicas of your favorite statue, earrings that any fifth century Greek would be proud to wear, and hand-cast busts of the awesome & amazing Mark Twain (perfect for any bookshelf, I say).

One day I’ll get around to writing an exhaustive post about museum gift stores but for now please accept my humble offering of a selection of cool, curious, intriguing & beautiful gifts from museum gift stores around the world.

Unique Gift Ideas from Museum Gift Shops

Moma Gift ShopMOMA | The Museum of Modern Art Gift Shop | New York, NY

Rainbow Mugs – I dare you not to be happy with mugs the color of a rainbow

Kontra Bowl – No bowl has a right to be this beautiful

Sky Umbrella – Blue skys are never far away

Kay Bojesen Monkey – Design that smiles

Florida Vase – Floating flowers

Read More

Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers for Travelers

1. Rainbow Colored TSA Approved Luggage Belt

Rainbows make everything fun, even waiting in line at the airport (I promise, it’s true).  This 3 dial combo luggage belt keeps your items safe plus it makes your bags super easy to find when you retrieve your luggage.

2. Fill + Fly Travel Bottle Set

The fill & fly Travel Bottle set contains 4 leak-proof, shatter-resistant, refillable and reusable bottles – basically all you’d ever want from a travel bottle set. No longer will your happy traveler be seen searching (at the last minute) for decent products in the drugstores impossible to find sample size section, but they’ll be carrying their bottles in style in a cute zip top bag. Read More

Ditch the Money Belt – 6 Pickpocket Proof Alternatives

Money Belts are a great way to carry valuables when traveling, but they are also well known thus easier for thieves to target.  Here are some alternatives to money belts that help keep your cash, credit cards and passport safe and secure when travelling.

Scottevest Travel Clothing

Scottevest is a company all travelers should know about.  They make clothing that is optimized for travel.  Most (maybe all) of their clothing items have specially designed pockets to hold your valuables without making it obvious. Read More

The must have travel accessory for coffee lovers

Love coffee?  Love travel? Well I have a match made in heaven: you + the aerobie aeropress.

I know, I know, a coffee maker made by a sports toy manufacturer doesn’t sound all that great, but don’t let first impressions deceive you.  I have spent ages looking for a cheap and easy way to make good espresso. Everything I tried either made terrible espresso or was too messy/inconvenient/scary (yes scary) to use.

I literally stumbled across one of these babies at a local coffee shop and in a last ditch effort decided to try it out.

Coffee heaven I tell you.  Deep, dark, rich espresso without all the trouble or expense. But don’t take my word for it, check out the reviews on amazon Read More

Crease & Crumple These Maps All You Want

Okay, I admit it – I’m a terrible map folder.  I can never seem to fold a map back to its’ original position and often end up with an awkwardly folded map in my purse when I’m traveling.  Technology has solved a lot of my mapping woes, but I still think there is nothing like a good physical map when traveling in a city. 
That was why I was so excited to stumble upon Crumpled City™ Maps.  100% waterproof, these maps are made to be crumpled. Perfectionist map folders be gone! These are maps made to be used, made to be pulled out when one gets lost wandering down city streets, made to be pointed at while asking for directions in a language one barely knows.  These are those kinds of maps. Read More

Regional Shopping: Authentic Sounds of the Harbor in Your Own Backyard

Usually, when you go on vacation you come back with nothing more then gaudy souvenirs only meant to say “I was there” and be small enough to fit in your luggage. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that snow globe filled with glittery green dollar signs that you brought home from Vegas, but what if you wanted something that would really evoke the feeling of being there? From my own experience the quickest route to making your memories come alive is through your senses.

I can touch a smooth shell I “borrowed” from the beach and instantly feel waves kissing my feet. A smoky campfire brings back the feeling of camping in the badlands and the sound of water hitting the side of a boat recalls standing on the Staten Island Ferry as the Manhattan skyline glowed brightly against the night sky. Read More

The Perfect Travel Shoes (or how I stopped hating Crocs and ended up with happy feet)

Shoes Off Feet – Where They Should Be

To skip the dialogue and go straight to the best travel shoes ever click here.

Crocs Fear

I have to admit, I did not exactly educate myself before I decided that Crocs would never, never ever, never ever ever, be worn on my two feet.  Just hearing the word filled my head with images of an over the hill me wearing rainbow hued plastic shoes while gardening (with teenagers snickering in the background for good effect).  Not sure where the gardening comes from but Crocs and gardening go hand in hand in my brain. Read More