Take a Repositioning Cruise for Deep Discounts & Unique Itineraries

What is a repositioning cruise?

Repositioning cruises sail from one destination and end in another.  The reason for this is that many ships itineraries change seasonally and cruise companies use the repositioning cruises to move the ship to their new port.

Most repositioning cruises are typically longer than a week and have more days at sea than traditional cruises.  The most common itineraries are from Europe to the Caribbean and from Alaska to the Caribbean.  You can also find repositioning cruises that travel from the Mediterranean to Asia or South America. Read More

How To Pick the Best Seat on an Airplane

Airplanes are great, except when you have no legroom, get stuck wedged between two strangers or end up seated right next to the restrooms.  While you can’t control everything on a plane, most airlines allow you to pick out your seats, here’s a step by step guide on how to pick a good one:

Step 1:  Make a decision about which class you want to sit in.

For some people, paying the extra bucks is worth it if it means a happy flight.  First Class is always your best choice in terms of seating if you have the money to spend.  Typically there is more legroom in first class seating areas, some seats even recline completely for more comfortable sleeping.  Business Class seats are similar, however they are not usually quite as roomy. Domestic class seats are the least roomy of the three classes. Read More

How to make a Better Travel Bucket List

What’s on Your Real Travel Bucket List?

How many things are on your travel bucket list? Mine is about 10,000 pages long & includes so many amazing destinations.  My bucket list has literally outgrown any chance at being feasibly achievable.

This got me thinking, since I can’t do everything on my bucket list, I need to prioritize and create a real travel bucket list.  I need a bucket list where everything on it feels like an absolute must.

Do you know what those things are for you?  What’s number one on your list?  What would feel like a completion of something deep inside of you?  What can you not bear to imagine never doing in your life?

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