Crease & Crumple These Maps All You Want

Okay, I admit it – I’m a terrible map folder.  I can never seem to fold a map back to its’ original position and often end up with an awkwardly folded map in my purse when I’m traveling.  Technology has solved a lot of my mapping woes, but I still think there is nothing like a good physical map when traveling in a city. 
That was why I was so excited to stumble upon Crumpled City™ Maps.  100% waterproof, these maps are made to be crumpled. Perfectionist map folders be gone! These are maps made to be used, made to be pulled out when one gets lost wandering down city streets, made to be pointed at while asking for directions in a language one barely knows.  These are those kinds of maps.

Also check out the kids version Crumpled City™ Junior Maps. Delightfully Illustrated, these maps list top spots for children and families.

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