Ditch the Money Belt – 6 Pickpocket Proof Alternatives

Money Belts are a great way to carry valuables when traveling, but they are also well known thus easier for thieves to target.  Here are some alternatives to money belts that help keep your cash, credit cards and passport safe and secure when travelling.

Scottevest Travel Clothing

Scottevest is a company all travelers should know about.  They make clothing that is optimized for travel.  Most (maybe all) of their clothing items have specially designed pockets to hold your valuables without making it obvious.

Their travel vest (men’s | women’s) is pictured above and has a whopping 17 pockets all specially designed to hold things like travel documents, digital cameras, ipads and more.  And there is even a secret pocket just in case the other 16 pockets are not secure enough for whatever you are carrying.

I haven’t had the chance to try one of these yet, but I’m totally smitten.

Zip It Pocket Sock
It is hard to imagine someone coming up to you and demanding you hand over your socks.  The Zip It Pocket Sock has the advantage of being a very unlikely target for the would be pick pocket.  The pocket is large enough to carry your passport, cash, keys and money.

I might try these to hold my passport next time, I have a bit of a passport losing phobia and nothing yet has seemed to tame it.

Money Cuff
I’m totally digging these cute money cuffs on etsy.  What a great way to carry some spare change – probably not the best place for passports or large sums of money, but these look like they would be easy to access and comfortable to wear for a day of sightseeing.

Coversafe 75 Anti Theft Neck Wallet


I love neck wallets (hate the name though).  The only issue I have with them is they don’t seem very secure.  I mean, what happens if someone cuts the strap?  That’s why I was happy when I found the coversafe 75, it has a slashproof wire-reinforced strap as well as all the advantages of typical neck wallets (comfortable, easy to access and tend to hold a good amount of items).

Austin House Leg Safe


Similar to the pocket sock, the leg safe allows you to keep valuables on you without having them being obvious or in an uncomfortable place.  Not my top choice, but a lot of people like these.  They do appear to be roomy but I have to wonder about how comfortable they are to wear.   If you’ve tried once of these let us know how it worked for you in the comments below.

Passport Pocket

Thanks to Mark Powers over at PowersPercussion.com for this recommendation:


The Passport Pocket is a detachable pocket that clips into the inner lining of your pants. And has some great testimonials from seasoned travelers. Plus 10% of all profits will be donated to Isla Urbana, an organization that utilizes rainwater harvesting and filtration to provide low-income families’ homes with potable water systems.

What do you use to keep your valuables safe when traveling?

4 thoughts to “Ditch the Money Belt – 6 Pickpocket Proof Alternatives”

  1. The neck wallet looks terribly uncomfortable. The vest would be great in cool weather, not so much tropical. Since I do a lot of diving/water on my trips I’ve just had everything ziplock sealed in a bag/pocket, or left in the hotel safe. I don’t really think anything is full proof.

    1. Tropical is harder that’s for sure, I tend to be a little on the lackadaisical side with my stuff, but I do have the passport paranoia thing going on. I’m like ocd about checking that my passport still is in my possession. 🙂 On a totally different topic can you recommend any good underwater cameras and any good diving spots for beginners?

      1. I had the same passport fear, but rafter realizing that not everyone in a foreign country is out to rob or kill me I quickly relaxed. As for underwater cameras – it really depends on your level of seriousness. The beautiful photos you see on websites like Nat. Geo are being taken by pro-grade DSLR’s with $8,000 cases. If your diving only as a once-a-year hobby it’s probably best to buy a used setup. Diving spots… anywhere with clear/warm water 😀

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