Favorite Places | Mauna Kea, Hawaii

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Today’s favorite place is from Justine Williams from Dancing Traveller

Justine’s Favorite Place: Mauna Kea, Hawaii


Why She Loves Mauna Kea

“No place else in the world can you go and see the sky and the stars so clear, as if you could reach out and grab them. 9,000 feet up, you can park in the visitors centre parking lot and jump from telescope to telescope as professionals tell you about the specific stars you can see through their lenses. The constant shooting stars make you feel like you’re a little farther from earth and closer to the heavens.”

Justine’s Favorite Things to Do in Mauna Kea, Hawaii

About Justine

headshot2My time as a professional ballet dancer took me around the US and landed me in Beijing, China. Since then, my love for travel and dance have taken me around the world. My blog inspires readers to see things differently through the experiences of travel.

Find her at http://www.dancingtraveller.com and @justinecw1 on twitter



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