Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers for Travelers

1. Rainbow Colored TSA Approved Luggage Belt

Rainbows make everything fun, even waiting in line at the airport (I promise, it’s true).  This 3 dial combo luggage belt keeps your items safe plus it makes your bags super easy to find when you retrieve your luggage.

2. Fill + Fly Travel Bottle Set

The fill & fly Travel Bottle set contains 4 leak-proof, shatter-resistant, refillable and reusable bottles – basically all you’d ever want from a travel bottle set. No longer will your happy traveler be seen searching (at the last minute) for decent products in the drugstores impossible to find sample size section, but they’ll be carrying their bottles in style in a cute zip top bag.

3. Rick Steve’s Travel Clothesline

Visiting a laundromat while on that exotic vacation you’ve always wanted to go on? Not high on the priority list for travelers.  This little beauty of a clothesline allows travelers to pack less and skip the local laundromat.  Also a great gift for campers and bonus – no clothespins are required. And if you want to go all out on this stocking stuffer add some of these to the package.

4. Mini Scratch Map

Scratch off maps are awesome, just like a lottery ticket, scratching off a place on the map is a sign of good fortune!  Travelers can keep track of all the places they’ve been or if their in the daydreaming phase they can make plans by scratching off countries that they want to visit.

5. Amazon Basics Portable Fold-Up Travel Stand

For the tech traveler, a fold-able stand for tablets is a great accessory to have.  This fold-up stand is compact and adjustable, allowing travelers to watch movies and browse books hands-free. (Oh, and for all you foodies out there, this makes a great stand to use in the kitchen when looking at recipes on your iPad.)

6. A Kindle Gift Card

There are so many amazing travel books out there, pick one out or buy your traveler a kindle gift card and let them fill up their kindle with travelogues and city guides before their next big adventure.

7. Packable Red and White Wine Glasses

Imagine all the romantic picnics in the French Countryside one could have with these glasses – paper cups aren’t quite the same. These travel wine glasses have stems that unscrew and handy carrying cases. They are also virtually indestructible being made of BPA-free plastic.

8. Mini Alarm Clocks

There is something to be said for cute Stocking Stuffers and these two mini alarm clocks don’t disappoint – cuteness overload!


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