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Hotel Tipping Etiquette – When & How Much to Tip For Hotel Services in the United States

Hotel tipping is something that can confuse even the most experienced travelers. While tipping at hotels is not mandatory In the United States,  it typically is a good idea to tip if you are happy with the quality of service.  So how do you know what to tip?

The amount you tip for services really depends on the level of the hotel. For self-service hotels where travelers typically bring their own suitcases up to their rooms tipping is less of an expectation.  At more upscale hotels, it is customary to tip for certain services. If you want great service it never hurts to be generous, especially if you plan on coming back and we are a big fan of including a tip budget when you are doing your travel planning.

Here is a guide to give you a baseline idea of how much to tip and to whom.

dollarShuttle Driver
$1-2 per person or $4-5 per party
$2-5 (go higher in bad weather) Tipping when your car is parked is optional.
$1-4 for hailing a cab and helping with your luggage
$1-5 per bag. If your bags are heavy tip in the higher range. Also tip if you request their service when checking out.
No tip is needed for simple questions like directions or restaurant recommendations. Tip $3-5 for show tickets or restaurant reservations and $15 – $20 for tickets to sold-out events or hard-to-get restaurant reservations.
dollarRoom Service
15% of the bill or at least $2 if the gratuity is not already included in the bill
$2-5 per night – Note: Housekeepers at hotels can change assigned rooms frequently. To ensure your housekeeper gets their tip, tip your housekeeper daily instead of at the end of your stay.
dollarCoat Check
dollarPool Towel Attendant
$1 if towel is brought to you
dollarSpa Personnel
15% – 20% of bill if gratuity is not included in the bill
$1 per drink
dollarWaiter/Waitress at In-Hotel Restaurant
15%-20% of bill
dollarWaiter at Buffet Meal
10%-15% of total cost
dollarWine Steward
10%-15% of wine bill
dollarFront Desk Agent
No tip is needed
dollarDelivery of extra towel or other requested item
$2 for one item $1 per item for anymore
dollarDelivery of laundered/ironed clothing
$1 – 3 per item

Pro tip: Carry $1 bills on you to have ready for unexpected circumstances

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