My Secret To Getting Quality Luggage Way Cheap

Walking past luggage in a store gets me dreaming.  You can’t help but be seduced by the bright colors, 360 degree spinners and infinitely expandable suitcases.  There is so much promise in those cases and so much cost too.

I actually would never recommend cheaping out when buying luggage. Having lived through wheels that won’t roll and handles that won’t pop up, I now will only buy quality luggage – it really is worth it (and you’ll thank me when your running to catch that flight or trying to juggle everything after security checks).  The quality of the luggage you purchase has a direct effect on how you experience the travel portions of your vacation.

So what is one to do if they are not so lucky to have the budget to buy that awesome set of fancy luggage that’s making them drool as they try not to look at it one more time?  I will let you in on my secret to finding high quality luggage at next to nothing prices.

The Secret to Getting High Quality Luggage For Low Prices

Next time you purchase luggage, buy it from an estate sale.  Estate sales are an awesome way to get so many things for low prices and if you do your research it’s easy to find higher end sales that are held by people who have traveled extensively.

I’ve paid anywhere from 50 cents to 20 dollars for luggage – yes those are real prices and in store they would have cost me 100s of dollars.

Tips For Purchasing Luggage From Estate Sales

  1. Do your research ahead of time.
    Estate Sales can be found online and typically have pictures of all the items available.  I personally like to find my estate sales on They have great photo galleries that really allow you to look at the items available easily.  (Warning – this part can be addictive).
  2. Shop estate sales in the richer areas of your city.
    I love to go to estate sales all over the place, but if I’m looking for luggage I shop at estate sales that are being held in the richer areas.  People in these areas are more likely to have traveled, to have extra luggage they haven’t used much and to have high quality items.
  3. Don’t be put off by the age of the luggage.
    Just because it’s old doesn’t mean it’s bad.  In fact, sometimes the older luggage is more durable then what they make today.  I would stick with items from the 80s or newer unless your into retro styles.
  4. If you really want a deal shop on the last day of the estate sale.
    Most estate sales heavily discount items (usually around 50%) the last day of the sale.  If your looking to really save money, this is the ideal time to shop.  One issue with waiting is that someone else may buy the luggage first, but if your a true deal hunter, you can stand that risk!
  5. If you REALLY want a set of luggage you found get to the sale early and on the first day.
    If you really found something special head to the sale early.  People get to estate sales early just to stand in line and make a bee line to their wanted item when the doors open.  If you are worried about loosing out on something go early!

If you really love estate sales and want to buy more then just luggage you can create a user account on and follow sales and companies.  It’s an awesome way to shop!

Have you purchased any travel accessories from an estate sale?  What did you get?

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