Regional Shopping: Authentic Sounds of the Harbor in Your Own Backyard

Usually, when you go on vacation you come back with nothing more then gaudy souvenirs only meant to say “I was there” and be small enough to fit in your luggage. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that snow globe filled with glittery green dollar signs that you brought home from Vegas, but what if you wanted something that would really evoke the feeling of being there? From my own experience the quickest route to making your memories come alive is through your senses.

I can touch a smooth shell I “borrowed” from the beach and instantly feel waves kissing my feet. A smoky campfire brings back the feeling of camping in the badlands and the sound of water hitting the side of a boat recalls standing on the Staten Island Ferry as the Manhattan skyline glowed brightly against the night sky.

None of these things can be bought and I wouldn’t expect to be able to buy them. That is why I was so surprised when I stumbled upon the buoy bells created by North Country Wind Bells®. This family owned business was started by Jim and May Davidson in the small town of Round Pond, Maine.

What is so unique about their bells is that they replicate the sound of actual bell buoys and harbor bells found on the East and West Coasts of the United States. A quick example: say you visit Portsmouth Harbor in New Hampshire and are entranced by the beautiful sound of the harbor bell. Good news! You can actually purchase the Portsmouth Harbor Bell® and bring the sound (and all the feelings that come from hearing it) home with you.

Just listen to see what I mean: Click here to listen to the sound of North Country Wind Bells® Portsmouth Harbor Bell Visit the North Country Wind Bells site to hear more bell sound sample.

You can choose from a wide range of windcatchers when you order your bell.

The bells came into being after Jim Davidson, a lobster fisherman for many years, took the time to record the sound of bell buoys where he hauled lobster traps. He then spent countless hours working steel to capture the distinctive sounds they made. From there, his passion expanded to other regions and now North Country Wind Bells® has over 20 different buoy bells that sing with sounds from a myriad of places including, but not limited to, Cape May, San Francisco Bay, Boston Harbor, Nantucket and Chesapeake Bay.

So, if you’re like me and haven’t been to the ocean in far to long, you can let the buoy bell ring and imagine that you aren’t stuck, land-locked in the middle of country, but rather sitting in a small seaside village enjoying the fresh ocean air and the sound of the bell buoys in the distance. Or if you are lucky enough to visit some of the areas these bells are named for, all you need to do is hang one of these buoy bells, close your eyes and sit back and listen to the familiar sounds.

Also check out their Maine Hooty Owl™. It is too cute!

A short background on bell buoys for those of you who are unfamiliar with them — bell buoys are navigational aids that create sound as they roll on the waves of sea. They are used by sailors as warnings of underwater hazards and as markings of harbors and safe passageways.

Please support North Country Wind Bells® by visiting their website, tweeting this post or purchasing one of their wonderful products.

Photos and sound file courtesy of North Country Wind Bells®

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    1. I know! I could listen to them all day. When my current wind-chime goes kapoot I’m going to get one & then plan a visit to hear the real one in action.

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