If You Travel A Lot & Love Coffee This Travel Accessory Is For You

Does this sound familiar? There you are, walking through the airport pushing your luggage in one hand, holding a Starbucks in another, having to stop and find a place to put the coffee down every time you need to look at your ticket or do anything with at least one of your hands.

If so, we’ve found the perfect travel accessory for you, this handy dandy cup holder.

Simply attach the holder to your luggage’s handle and you’ve just given yourself the ability to enjoy your coffee & enjoy your travel at the same time.  Even better, it’s self-leveling to keep you from spilling your drink.  It also folds up for easy storage, making it one lean, mean travel accessory.

Bonus Points: We also like that it gives you a place to put your drink when sitting at the gate!  View reviews, get more info or buy it now.

Have you used one of these travel coffee holders? We’d love to hear your experience using it!


The must have travel accessory for coffee lovers

Love coffee?  Love travel? Well I have a match made in heaven: you + the aerobie aeropress.

I know, I know, a coffee maker made by a sports toy manufacturer doesn’t sound all that great, but don’t let first impressions deceive you.  I have spent ages looking for a cheap and easy way to make good espresso. Everything I tried either made terrible espresso or was too messy/inconvenient/scary (yes scary) to use.

I literally stumbled across one of these babies at a local coffee shop and in a last ditch effort decided to try it out.

Coffee heaven I tell you.  Deep, dark, rich espresso without all the trouble or expense. But don’t take my word for it, check out the reviews on amazon Read More