The must have travel accessory for coffee lovers

Love coffee?  Love travel? Well I have a match made in heaven: you + the aerobie aeropress.

I know, I know, a coffee maker made by a sports toy manufacturer doesn’t sound all that great, but don’t let first impressions deceive you.  I have spent ages looking for a cheap and easy way to make good espresso. Everything I tried either made terrible espresso or was too messy/inconvenient/scary (yes scary) to use.

I literally stumbled across one of these babies at a local coffee shop and in a last ditch effort decided to try it out.

Coffee heaven I tell you.  Deep, dark, rich espresso without all the trouble or expense. But don’t take my word for it, check out the reviews on amazon

So what does this have to do with travel you ask.  One of my favorite things to do when traveling to other countries is try the coffee.  I’m always amazed at how different it can taste from one place to another (And I still swear that the McDonald’s in Paris has better coffee than can be found just about anywhere in the United States). The problem is, I have to go to a restaurant to try coffee, when I’d really rather enjoy a cup in the morning in my room…sometimes a coffee maker is available at the vacation rental I’m staying at, but typically it doesn’t make great coffee.

So basically all those great coffees available in local grocery stores are off limits to me.

Not anymore.  Not only does the aeropress make amazing coffee, it is tiny (and breaks down into pieces) and the filters are also small and easily pack-able.  It also requires no electricity making it ideal for camping.  All you need is a way to boil water and voila, you are enjoying coffee from the area in the comfort of your own (temporary) home.

Oh and it cleans up like a dream…just pop out the grounds, give it a quick rinse and you are done.

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4 thoughts to “The must have travel accessory for coffee lovers”

  1. I’m with you 100% about McDonald’s coffee being surprisingly good in France. It’s my go-to for cappuccino. This aeropress seems cool, but is it that different from a French press or one of those funnel single cup makers (what I use daily)? I’d have to try it to be sure 😉

    1. It’s a lot easier to clean than a French press, coffee taste is probably similar to that, it’s been a long time since I’ve had French Press. I like those funnel makers too, the aeropress creates pressure (you push the water through it) which gives the coffee a little oomph/creates stronger coffee. The only thing I don’t really like about it is that it’s plastic.

  2. Basically the Aeropress makes espresso and a french press makes coffee.

    The two are VERY different. A french press must be timed and it does not use a filter. The “press” action of a french press is just to separate the grinds from the water using a sieve.

    The Aeropress uses a small paper filter and should be used with fine espresso ground coffee. The press action of the Aeropress is real pressure that squeezes all the goodness out of the coffee grinds, thereby producing a rich espresso style drink.

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