The Perfect Travel Shoes (or how I stopped hating Crocs and ended up with happy feet)

Shoes Off Feet – Where They Should Be

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Crocs Fear

I have to admit, I did not exactly educate myself before I decided that Crocs would never, never ever, never ever ever, be worn on my two feet.  Just hearing the word filled my head with images of an over the hill me wearing rainbow hued plastic shoes while gardening (with teenagers snickering in the background for good effect).  Not sure where the gardening comes from but Crocs and gardening go hand in hand in my brain.

Alas, my distaste for this famed footwear came to a prompt end when a google search for travel shoes dropped a wee little bomb in my lap.  According to a number of weary travelers, Crocs were the only travel shoe for them.  So, I did the unthinkable, I visited the Crocs website and little by little my Croc hating heart warmed and I realized that not all Crocs were not made alike.  In fact,  all Crocs were not clogs and even some of the clogs were not as clog-like as I imagined.  (For the record, I don’t hate clogs, but plastic clogs rub me the wrong way).

And then it happened, before I knew it, a pair of Crocs Kadee was paid for and on its way to my house.

What Had I Done?

I had  just bought the most comfortable, lightweight, travel ready shoes that I have ever owned.  Plus the style can go from casual to semi dressy – great if you have limited packing space.  And they can take any kind of weather, so bring it on rain clouds! Oh and did I say they were lightweight  – yep like super light, like light as a cloud. Basically, if I could only bring one shoe with me on a trip, these would be them.

A few things to note, they fit on the larger size and don’t do half sizes so size down rather than up.  Also, you could wear these out of the box for your trip, but they get more comfortable as you wear them, a week of wearing them in would probably be perfect.  Last but not least, I thought rubber shoes would be weird, and they are, but in a good way.  They give you a little extra bounce in your step.  Add that to the extra bounce that travel brings and you’ll pretty much be flying to the moon any day now.  But seriously, these are so comfortable and are the best shoes for travel that I have been able to find.

Do you have a favorite shoe for travel?  Please share, that is priceless information you are holding there!

P.S. I don’t know anything about men’s travel shoes so any men out there feel free to share your favorites.

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