Unique Gift Ideas from Seven Museum Gift Shops

I’m jealous of anyone who lives close enough to MOMA to visit their gift shop on a random whim. In fact, I’m jealous of anyone who lives close enough to any museum to visit their gift shop at the spur of the moment.

Museum gift shops have some of the coolest things, like replicas of your favorite statue, earrings that any fifth century Greek would be proud to wear, and hand-cast busts of the awesome & amazing Mark Twain (perfect for any bookshelf, I say).

One day I’ll get around to writing an exhaustive post about museum gift stores but for now please accept my humble offering of a selection of cool, curious, intriguing & beautiful gifts from museum gift stores around the world.

Unique Gift Ideas from Museum Gift Shops

Moma Gift ShopMOMA | The Museum of Modern Art Gift Shop | New York, NY

Rainbow Mugs – I dare you not to be happy with mugs the color of a rainbow

Kontra Bowl – No bowl has a right to be this beautiful

Sky Umbrella – Blue skys are never far away

Kay Bojesen Monkey – Design that smiles

Florida Vase – Floating flowers

International spy museumInternational Spy Museum Shop | Washington DC

USB Locket Necklace – hide your flash drive, no really

Secret Decoder Rings – Is there anyone in the world who doesn’t like secret decoders?  Be sure to get 2, one for the coder & one for the decoder.

Gun O’Clock Shooting Alarm Clock – the only way to start the day

Rubik’s Cube Safe – Turn this Rubik’s cube the right way & reveal hidden treasures

Kryptos Reproduction  – Have an amatuer code breaker on your gift list?  Give them the chance to break a yet unbroken code.

Victoria & Albert MuseumVictoria & Albert Museum Shop | London, England

Field of Grass Candle – I don’t know about you, but the smell of freshly cut grass is pretty much my idea of heaven.

Landscape Dinner Set – Relive childhood at every mealtime

Pearly King and Queen by Alice Pattullo (Screen Print) – Do a google image search of London Pearlies & be prepared to be amazed

Paisley Stag Head – For the person who has everything

Bette Davis T-Shirt – Nothing says cool like Bette Davis

American folk art museum

The American Folk Art Museum Gift Shop | New York, NY

Twitten Kitten Scarf – Cute kitten scarfs are always a good idea

Love is All You Need Pillow – A sweet pillow for the romantic in your life

Sparklers Pillow – If you don’t like this we can’t be friends, no really…

Striped Socks – The secret to happiness

The Seduction of Light – I’m totally intrigued with this combo of artists



 Australian National Maritime Museum Gift Store | Sydney Australia

Cruise Ship Paper Model Kit – Pretend your building the Love Boat

Ancient Mariner Mug –  For the Ancient Mariner in your life

Submarine Tea Diffuser – Who says teatime is boring?

Sea Breeze Purse – Have a sardine lover on your gift list?

Nautical Code Flag Playing Cards – For the future captain


Museo Del Prado Gift Shop | Madrid, Spain

The Goose Game – Almost two centuries later still a fun game

The Noble Man with His Hand on His Chest T-shirt – odd, yet endearing

“Dürer” Playmobil – Paint tiny artist, paint!

“Geometry 15th Century” silk scarf – A scarf inspired by a 15th century painting

“The Garden of Earthly Delights” puzzle – this seriously has to be one of the best puzzle’s ever


Bauhaus Museum Shop | Berlin, Germany

Tea Pot Made of Glass – Simple and beautiful, a great gift for the tea lover

Wood Table Lamp – A simple light sure to stand out

Coffee Pot – I’m not sure I could drink out of something so beautiful

Cube Candlestick Holders – light up the room, modern style

Iced Carafe – I believe this is a carafe that holds ice in a pretty design on the side, if I am to believe google translate that is

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