Winter Travel Roundup

6 magical winter views in Britain

For the cold weather lovers: 100 things to do outside in Wisconsin in winter

For the warm weather lovers: 12 tropical escapes for your winter vacation

A fairy tale ice skating rink

A life-size snow globe 

Would never imagine Morocco would be a ski destination…or any of these places either

34 places that are even better in winter

For snowman lovers: There may not be snow but there are definitely snowman at this festival

For snowman haters: Watch them burn!

Oh gosh – America’s best hot chocolate – I want to try them all!

If you want to see snow, looks like Grand Rapids would be a safe bet

Armchair travel books make great Christmas gifts for travel lovers

Weird Christmas traditions from around the world..just in case you want to liven up your celebrating this year

Holiday Cruises – a wonderful way to spend the holidays

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